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Welcome to data submission! 

VLIZ aims to support the data management activities of Flemish marine scientists in the best possible manner. The documentation of data and the availability of data files is crucial to the use and interpretation of scientific data.

To accomplish these goals VLIZ has developed data systems that allow scientists to archive, share, describe, and publish their data. We invite you here to submit your dataset for publication in our Integrated Marine Information System (IMIS) metadata catalogue. You can do this to share your dataset with the wider world, but also if you just want to advertise the existence of your dataset by creating a metadata description without actually attaching the data. You can do this by filling in this form.

Selected datasets can also be integrated into larger existing online data systems as derived data or data products. A few of the possibilities are:

  • contribute your biological and physicochemical data on the Scheldt estuary to ScheldeMonitor
  • contribute your distribution data on marine species to EurOBIS and the Emodnet biology portal
  • contribute your taxonomic information to WoRMS

Upon submitting data, please do consider the data submit guidelines.

For more information or in case of questions as to the submission of data, please contact
The principles applied by the data centre when handling your data have been established in a data policy.