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Products and Services

Service description

This page describes the content-structure of the information exposed under the domain. By sharing this publicly we want to commit to persistently maintain these services and encourage automated interactions with this domain.

LOD publishing of entities

The core of this domain is the semantic (linked open data) publishing of the entities managed in the Integrated Marine Information System. This is done via following uritemplate

  •{type}/{id} , which represents the webpage about the entity.
  •{type}/{id} , which represents the entity itself. In absence of any suffix, you are directed to the HTML webpage of the entity. Adding one of the other suffixes mentioned in the table below will result in a download of the entity in the specified serialization.

The {type} refers to the various types of entities in the system, these are:

  • dataset: datasets about marine & related research
  • publication: scientific publications about all kinds of marine & related research
  • institute: institutes active in the marine research domain
  • person: people involved in the marine research domain
  • project: projects that are carried out within the marine research domain
  • event: events that took place in context of the marine research domain
  • collection: collections of any of the entities mentioned above, grouped together according to a certain context. (Note: A collection entity lists all contained entities, and as such provide useful overview lists of e.g. datasets and publications)

We provide these resources in different variant-representations over Content-Negotiation


Ontologies coming soon. 

LDES feed

Per type of entity a feed of recent changes is provided following the LDES specification

This exposure of the list of available entities allows 3rd parties to efficiently synchronize up with the latest entries and updates in the IMIS system.

We make the various feeds available via this uritemplate{type}

Future planned services

The following extra services are on the planning:

  • DCAT feed – for the datasets, metadata sets from IMIS and each LDES feed (+ our service catalogue when it becomes available)
  • OAI-PMH – harvesting service using the oai-pmh protocol
  • – search api into the available data
  • marineinfo-widget – UI to the search api - plugable and configurable for inclusion in your website
  • fair-signposting and service description